Detecting Good Resident Support by Cypress Creek Fire Dept.

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It isn’t all fires and cats up trees for the Cypress Creek Fire Department/Harris County Emergency Services District 13 staff. One of the first steps in dealing with fires is fire prevention, and we take fire prevention very seriously.A resident of Cypress recently reached out to CCFD/HCESD 13 with a unique problem: she had purchased new smoke detectors for her home but had no way to install them. Would it be possible to have
2019 02 08 11.22.10 resized someone from the department assist her?

Asst. Chief Jason Blackman answered with a resounding and energetic “Yes!”

Last Friday, February 8th, CCFD/HCESD 13 staff came out and performed a home safety survey, checking the fireplace flue and other portions of the home. They installed the purchased smoke detectors in key places throughout the house.

Have you considered the age of the smoke alarms in your home? Batteries should be replaced minimum once a year, and detectors should be replaced every 10 years. If you have questions about replacing the detectors in your home, feel free to reach out to Cypress Creek Fire Department/Harris County Emergency Services District 13 at or through the contact form on our website.

Cypress Creek Fire Department and HCESD 13, in coordination with the neighborhood HOA and American Red Cross, are going to be sponsoring a smoke alarm blitz in the Quail Forest neighborhood on February 23rd as part of their community outreach. If you live in the area and are interested in having an event like this in your neighborhood, or want to have Cypress Creek Fire do a safety survey of your home, please contact Chief Lieder at (281) 894-0151 or at

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