Station 21

Located at 14415 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Station 21 protects the northern area of Harris County ESD #13 territory. Station 21 is staffed primarily by full time staff including a Captain, Engineer and two Firefighters.

Booster 21

Ford F350 with off road capability, 200 gallon water tank, 10 gallon class A foam tank, 19 HP 325 gpm pump, BLS medical capabilities.

Engine 21

2014 Pierce Velocity -PUC, 1500 gpm, 1000 gallon water tank, 40 gallon class A foam tank, BLS medical capabilities, vehicle extrication equipment.

Rescue 21

2002 Pierce Enforcer, extensive vehicle extrication equipment, vehicle cribbing equipment, breathing air cascade system

HUT 21

1997 M1078A LMTV- Heavy Utility Truck

EB 21

1997 Boatright Marine-Evacuation Boat