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About HCESD #13

Harris County Emergency Services District No. 13 (HCESD#13) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized by Article II, Section 48-3, of the Texas Constitution and governed by Chapter 775 of the Health and Safety Code to provide fire prevention and fire-fighting services.

HCESD#13 is funded by property taxes based on appraisals by Harris County Appraisal District and collected by the Harris Tax Assessor Collector.

Monthly meetings are usually held the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the administrative offices located in Cypress Creek VFD Station 22, 11900 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Cypress, Texas 77429.  Meeting dates may vary to accommodate holidays and special meetings may be scheduled as needed.  Agendas for the items to be addressed at each meeting are posted on this website.

HCESD#13 together with Cypress Creek Volunteer Fire Department strives to provide trained professionals, both career and volunteer, to provide the best service available within our budget.

January 21,1984

Voters approved the creation of Harris Rural Fire Prevention District #13. At a rate of three cents per one hundred dollars ($.03/$100) valuation, the "average" resident will pay $35 annually in taxes for fire protection.  The tax rate is set annually according to Texas statutes with a maximum rate of $.03/$100.  District Commissioners were appointed to serve by Harris County Commissioners Court.

November 27, 1984

The District entered into an agreement with Cypress Creek Volunteer Fire Department to provide fire protection and prevention services within the common service areas in exchange for revenue provided by the District.

August 1986

Cypress Creek VFD and District No. 13 move into the first official business offices, which we called home for the next 10 years. In October Sara Hooper was hired by the District to manage the day-to-day business for both entities.

August 2001

Voters approve a tax rate increase to $.05/$100 from $.03/$100.  Increased revenue is needed to fund the expansion plans of the Department due to the extensive real estate development within the boundaries of the District.

September 2003

The Texas legislature passed S.B. 1021 converting all rural fire prevention districts to emergency service districts effective September 1st, 2003.
October 21, 2003, Harris County Commissioners Court approved the new designation changing Harris County Rural Fire Prevention District No. 13 to Harris County Emergency Services District No. 13.

September 1, 2007-2009

H.B. 2653 was passed by the Texas legislature amending Section 775.034 and adding Section 775.0345, Election of Board in Certain Populous Counties. Two members of the Board of Fire Commissioners were elected in 2008 and three members in 2009 after their appointed terms expired.


H.B. 2529 amended Emergency Services Commissioners terms from two years to four years. Elections can now be held every other year after the current 2-year terms expired.

May 14, 2011

Voters approved a proposition allowing the maximum tax rate of the District to increase from $.05/$100 to $.10/$100. In September 2011, the District adopted a tax rate of $.09/$100 for that year (an increase from the previous year of approximately $34.59 for a home valued at $100,000).

HCESD#13 Adopted Tax Rate for 2017